Dunnet Bay Team - Martin


The Brains

Responsible for the crazy ideas.

A chartered process engineer with a passion for gin and beer. Studying towards becoming a Dr in beer and gin, he is the mastermind behind all things technical and innovative.

Dunnet Bay Team - Claire


The Common Sense

Responsible for all the frilly ideas.

A lover of all things ‘gin’ with an honours degree in hospitality & tourism. A creative but practical approach to overseeing all fun sides of the distillery!

Dunnet Bay Team - George


The Boss

2 May 2002 to 18 July 2016

Our beautiful wee George was a huge part of our family life as well as our Dunnet Bay Distillery journey. He was involved from the very beginning when he sat beside us as we experimented in our garage, he kept an eye on the building progress, watched as we learned how to use the bottling and labelling equipment for the first time and grinned proudly when we came home with awards! After the school drop off he would come to work and once he had done his morning tour to say ‘hello’ to everyone he’d settle down to snore (loudly) in his basket. Sadly the time came when we had to say goodbye but his memory lives on in our gin and vodka and his lovely photo looks down on us as we distil.

And Our Fabulous Team

We couldn’t do what we do without our fabulous (camera-shy) team working alongside us!

We have 5 Production Wizards who help us out and keep us sane: Claire’s mum – Margaret (her bottles are wax sealed at an angle),  Martin’s dad – Rab (his wax seals are bang on straight), Carol, Libby and SarahSarah does a good job of multi-tasking and has also taken on the onerous role of keeping our books right.

Before we require our Production Wizards we need the expertise of our very clever gardener, Dr Hanna, who can be found growing weird and wonderful things in the geodome she built at the distillery.

Once our spirits have been distilled, bottled, sealed and signed they leave our distillery and travel the length and breadth of the country as well as hopping overseas to Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Japan.  We rely on the lovely Laura to help spread the word at various events and she does a fabulous tour of our wee distillery, when she’s not busy bottling!

Elizabeth – Our Copper Still

Our precious botanicals are carefully picked and prepared before Elizabeth, our traditional copper pot still, works her magic; the vapours pass over the basket where our botanicals will impart their wonderful flavours creating the delicious taste that is Rock Rose gin.

Martin will cast his watchful eye over the whole process, using only the heart of the distillation and discarding the heads and tails, to perfect the finest taste for our spirits. We carefully hand fill and wax seal every bottle, before it is numbered and signed at the distillery. Great care is taken throughout the whole process to ensure only the very best will leave our wee distillery in Dunnet!


We are very fortunate to live in the most northerly county of mainland Scotland. It is a beautiful place, with wide-open space, lovely beaches and a stunning coastline.

Duncansby Head - Caithness - Scotlnd

Nature at its most striking.

The Stacks of Duncansby
Dunnet Bay, Caithness, Scotland

A sweeping arc of golden sand

Dunnet Bay

The highest peak in Caithness, a Graham, at 706m high

Whalligoe Steps by Naomi Spirit

A spectacular staircase of 365 cliff-face steps, up which hauls of fish were carried by women in 19th century.

Whaligoe steps
Dwarick Pier, Caithness, Scotland

The tiny pier where HM Queen Elizabeth and family landed in 1955 to visit the Queen Mother at the Castle of Mey

Dwarick Pier, Dunnet
The Peedie Sannie, Caithness

A hidden treasure

The Peedie Sanie, Dunnet
Marram Grass at Dunnet Beach

A beautiful winter's day.

Dunnet Beach
Duncansby Head - Caithness - Scotlnd

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